Student Teacher Conference : Elsa Jean, Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan has come to Elsa Jean’s house to have a parent teacher conference about Elsa Jean’s behavior making out with Rion King between classes. She requests a demonstration of what everyone is complaining about, and soon Elsa Jean and Rion King are liplocked. Katie is unimpressed with the display that has generated the complaints, so she offers to show them what a real sloppy makeout session looks like. She has two willing students, and soon their kissing lessons turn into more.
Encouraging both of her students to even greater acts of sexuality, Katie Morgan offers to help Elsa Jean learn how to suck dick better. They spend plenty of time on this lesson much to Rion King’s delight, and then get him even hornier as Katie helps herself and Elsa Jean out of their clothes. After a long kiss, Katie Morgan shows Elsa Jean how to eat pussy in a delectable 69 while Rion King watches with the utmost enjoyment.Bringing Rion King back into the action, Katie M guides her students through all kinds of satisfying threesome positions as she and Elsa Jean take turns eating out each other’s dripping fuck holes while Rion King fucks the other. Once Katie Morgan has ensured that she and Elsa Jean have had their fill of cumming, she urges Rion King right to the edge of his own endurance. At the very last moment she has him pull out of Elsa Jean’s twat so that he can cover her shaved pussy in his jizz that Katie Morgan licks up and then snowballs with Elsa Jean.