Sarah Banks is The New Kid On The Block

Sarah Banks

Today we get to meet the lovely Sarah Banks! Sarah Banks is a luscious little chocolate drop appearing on her first ever adult shoot. Sarah Banks is pretty experienced when it comes to sex, but not really when it comes to being on camera so things get slightly awkward, but thats to be expected from first timers. As soon as she starts getting naked she does start to warm up though. Sarah Banks got a plump little booty and some perky pierced tits. Sarah Banks is not too cocky, but we will definitely give her two thumbs up on her dick sucking skills. Sarah Banks is the literal Master Chief of swallowing cock and doesn’t just suck the tip, but also keeps the shaft engaged as well. Her pussy is quite tight and purple, certainly a pretty combination. It’s ability to take a fat dick is nothing short of artistic, and only enhanced by Sarah Banks’ veteran riding skills. Keep an eye out on her reverse cowgirl performance, it will blow you away! She even went the extra mile near the climax. Instead of being a noob and getting a facial, she opted for a creampie, and boy what an excellent choice. Her cum filled pussy reminded us that black and white together creates a sense of perfect harmony, which kicked in shortly after we finished this video if you catch our drift.