Kat Dior ’s Dance of Seduction

Kat Dior

Kat Dior is a dance teacher who needed some new photos of herself for the grand opening of her new dance studio. Kat Dior is super lucky to have booked Ike Diezel, a master of his craft who will make sure she’s looking her best in these shots. As the shoot gets underway, the only thing more outstanding than Kat Dior’s sexy look is Ike Diezel’s skill with the camera. Together, they make a great duo. Kat Dior thinks Ike Diezel is so great, she’ll have to send all of her students his way for any photography needs. He’s pretty cool with it, but does explain that he’s a bit expensive. Kat Dior was attracted to him from the start, and figured maybe if she can seduce him they can work out a deal. As soon as her cold fingertips touched his warm cock it was evident that she might be able to get her way. Kat Dior sucked his cock just as gracefully as she dances interpretatively. Ike Diezel proceeds to undo the bottom of her leotard and stick his huge cock in Kat Dior’s oh so fit pussy. Kat Dior’s never been fucked so good in her life, and decides to heighten the pleasure with a little auto erotic asphyxiation. What a kinkster! Ike Diezel finishes with a gallant load all over Kat Dior’s face. Hopefully some shots were taken of this, and all you skeeters just might be lucky enough to see them ;). Be sure when you find them to print out some wallet sizes for the friends and family hehe.