FantasyMassage – Haley (Haleys Cum Shot) (03.03.2017)

FantasyMassage - Haley (Haleys Cum Shot) (03.03.2017)

The masseur instructs his pretty client Haley to change out of her clothes behind the screen partition. She slips off her shorts, yellow panties and pastel striped shirt, leaving only her yellow stud earrings. She wraps herself modestly in a sheet and positions herself comfortably on the table. The Russian masseur removes the sheet but places a towel over her buttocks. He sprays a few pumps of oil onto her back. Her braided brown hair is out of the way as he kneads and caresses her ribs, shoulders and back. Her skin glistens and her muscles melt under the masseur’s deft fingers. He slowly lifts her arm and massages her bicep, forearm and hand. He copies this technique on the left arm. Haley appears to be asleep, until he disturbs her slightly to begin the massage on her lower extremities. He parts her legs gently and sprays them with oil. He smooths the oil onto the skin of her thighs, calves and feet. Her lower buttocks are visible from underneath the towel, and so is her shaved vagina. He reaches in slowly for her inner thigh and comes very close to her pussy as he strokes her leg. Then he backs off and rubs her foot and each of her toes. He does the same foot massage on the right, but this time he puts her toes in his mouth. As he licks her foot, the masseur rubs her lubricated pussy. Then he instructs her to turn onto her back. He sprays more oil onto her little natural tits, gently squeezing them as he moves the oil over her creamy golden skin. One finger is rubbing her clit and penetrating her vagina, while the other gently squeezes the meaty mound of her pussy. He climbs onto the table and licks her clit using broad strokes of his tongue. When she motions for his cock, he straddles her head to feed it to her. She sucks on his balls while he strokes his erection. Then he lowers himself to line up his cock with her pussy and slips it in, giving her teasing half thrusts on his knees. She spreads her legs wide and fucks him to the hilt. Her moaning gets quicker and louder as she rubs her clit and cums. He flips her onto her stomach and his big dick penetrates her from behind. He places a foot on the table to give him leverage to fuck her harder and deeper, making her cum again. Then he kisses her and slips his cock in sideways and continues to plough her pussy. She gets on top and rides him for a bit. He fucks her in missionary until he cums all over the folds of her pussy and then sticks his dick back inside for a cum bath.

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