DaughterSwap – Gina Valentina, Kobi Brian (Taking Their Virginity) 02.12.2016

Daughter Swap - Gina Valentina, Kobi Brian (Taking Their Virginity) 02.12.2016

After some girlish fun, Gina and Kobi make their way back to the beach for a little topless tanning. Wouldnt you know it, both of their daddies are there doing the exact same thing! The girls immediately make their way over and take their tops off. Like we heard in part 1, these girls are craving some dick super duper bad. They begin to realize that each others dads are pretty damn hot, so they switch papas and start seductively and toplessly coming on to them right there on the beach. Our dads look at each other confused, but when Kobis dad goes for the fist bump, we find out the swap has been approved! They head back to the vacation house for some uber debauched pillow biting action, orgy style of course! After being famished from a day at the beach and an evening of fucking, these girls lapped up the juicy jizz loads as if they had been wandering through the desert for days with no water. SWAP SUCCESSFUL!

Actors : >>>Gina-Valentina/”>Gina Valentina & >>>Kobi-Brian/”>Kobi Brian
Studio : >>>DaughterSwap/”>DaughterSwap