Come By For Pie Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

While Johnny Castle is on one of his routine runs through the neighborhood, he spots none other than his sexy Ex-Wife, Chanel Preston. After only spotting her from behind, neither Ex can get over how sexy the other looks. Chanel Preston can’t keep her eyes off Johnny Castle’s rock hard body, while Johnny Castle can imagine grabbing Chanel Preston’s butt and eating her out from behind, like old times. With these fantasies in mind, Chanel invites Johnny Castle for some dessert later that evening. This is an invitation that Johnny Castle happily accepts. As day turns to night, Johnny Castle arrives to Chanel Preston’s house, greeted with a text message from Chanel directing him into the house. Once inside, he hears moans only a true lover can recognize. As he follows the sounds, they lead to the Master Bedroom. As he opens the door, Chanel Preston is seen knees bent, and bent over on the bed wearing the lingerie Johnny Castle loved so much. Her new husband Ryan Driller thrusts his cock inside her. Johnny Castle begins to feel himself growing hard, almost unable to contain himself at the exact moment when Chanel Preston invites him to join them. Together the husbands take turns pleasuring one another until Chanel Preston is a cum filled wife and both men are spent.