Brandi Love – Teacher Gets Caught with Her Student

Brandi Love

When Hollie Mack films Brandi Love making out with her student Johnny Castle, Brandi Love will do anything to keep her secret from getting out. She recognizes Hollie Mack as the girl that’s fucking another teacher, so she decides to make sure Hollie Mack’s cell phone has incriminating video of both of them. Hollie Mack hesitates at first, but eventually she agrees to strip off her bra and thong so that she’s naked on her own cell phone video. Now that she has Hollie Mack naked, Brandi Love isn’t about to quit ordering her student around.
Brandi Love tells Hollie Mack to get down on her knees, and then guides her student’s hand so that she’s stroking Johnny Castle’s cock. Soon enough she has coaxed Hollie’s head down to give Johnny Castle a deep throat blowjob. Always eager to enjoy herself, Brandi Love hands the camera off to Johnny Castle so that he can film both girls sucking him off.

Once Johnny Castle is quivering with excitement, Brandi Love bends Hollie Mack over the desk as an offering to fuck her. He spends a bit of time eating her out, but Brandi is impatient to watch him fuck Hollie Mack so eventually he rises to his feet and sinks his stiffie into the warm wetness of Hollie Mack’s snatch.