Avalon Heart is Caught Peeking on Her Friend’s Dad

Avalon Heart

Avalon Heart was over at a friend’s house studying for a test with her pals. The noise from the lawnmower outside was a constant reminder to Avalon that her best friend’s dad, Tony D, was a silver fox! It was hard enough walking passed him completely shirtless. She went over to the window to sneak a peek of him hard at work with his muscles completely drenched in sweat. As they were leaving, Avalon Heart mentioned how she forgot her backpack in the room. It was the perfect excuse for her to creep over to the bathroom where the hot dad was showering. Avalon Heart was caught with her pussy in her hand and Tony D demanded an explanation. Avalon came clean and told him how she always had a crush on him and would love to get to know him better. That’s all Tony D needed to hear once he saw her tight, young snatch throbbing for some action.